YouTube Audience vs Television Audience:

Lets compare YouTube Audience vs Television Audience and the two others have taken a surprising step forward by announcing that it will devote its resources to capturing traditional TV screens. Advertisers are now offered new packages and tools to specifically target YouTube users watching TV series and add traditional broadcasters to the video service’s premium advertising package.

YouTube‘s internal analysis also shows that more people are watching their videos online not on their phone, tablet, or laptop, but TV screens, using devices like video game consoles, smart TVs, and many more.

Over the past three years google recorded youTube audience vs television audience, YouTube has hosted an increasingly scary array of parties to convince advertisers that the video platform is the best place to spend their money on marketing. The fourth annual Brand cast was held last night in the Javits Center and compared to previous versions it was definitely safer. In the past, YouTube spent a lot of time reassuring brands that they were safe, high quality, and seen by more than bored teenagers.

Every hour, 400 hours of content is uploaded to YouTube. One billion hours of content are displayed every day. And it is one of the five most popular websites on the Internet.

What does YouTube mean for TV?

TV viewing figures in Europe are declining. Children and young adults now watch less TV than in 2010 and prefer to watch online. In all age groups, the number of people watching linear TV decreases year after year.

But the TV networks are not willing to accept this voluntarily. The best and most advanced gamers have developed ways to compete with YouTube. Viewers can watch their favorite shows on-demand. They can access the apps through useful apps on their smartphone.

Which is better?

On YouTube, viewers get a huge catalog of videos to choose from. It is basically a TV station where they can confirm the schedule. They can get niche programs that would never be broadcast on regular TV channels. And they discover something new to look at every day of the week. Of course, programs like Game of Thrones and other paid series are endless. Instead, YouTube viewers have access to an endless database of published and user-generated content.

  • Built-in Audience: When you start a YouTube show, you start from scratch. You have no audience and very few ways to get more. When you start a TV show, it runs on an existing network with a built-in audience. The TV station and its listeners tend to be steady around for years. The network you are on has a well-known name and huge marketing power. Also, the new show usually follows another show that a lot of people are already watching.
  • People in power to watch it: Some YouTube programs may have a large audience, but so-called adults do not watch the entertainment industry. If these powers do not see an exhibition, they are less likely to choose a larger project and gain economies of scale. On the contrary, people in the entertainment industry are very happy with television. They believe it is the only source of entertainment talent in the country.
  • Commercials: The younger generations do not have the same tolerance for advertising as their older counterparts. They don’t want advertising to be ahead of their viewing experience in the same way they look at TV. YouTube has ads. So the site is worth $ 75 billion. But commercial breaks on YouTube are much shorter than on TV. They can often be skipped after 5 seconds. Influential campaigns are now popular. They are commercial ads that are integrated into the videos shown. When your favorite YouTube star is offered, the campaign becomes informative rather than intrusive, making viewers more inclined to engage than worry about the experience.
  • Worldwide: YouTube is in every home nowadays. TV networks only imagine YouTube universal distribution. They are available on almost every computer terminal in the world (and soon also on TV screens). Cable Networks reports that they have arrived.
  • Endless Talent: Instead of TV executives gathering talent (which they respect is the impact of the industry, the market takes talent. The market decides. Cheap programs show an eruption, and if they win over the audience, they get bigger. As a result of the endless supply of talent, you spend not a fortune to develop.

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