Project Description

Food Delivery System

Food delivery system and delivery is the process in which order for the food is placed through restaurants and delivered to the customer to the specified place. Food delivery system. These systems impressively simplify the ordering process for restaurants staff, this is the main advantage of (Food delivery system). In past manual food ordering system will be used. In this system customers have to go to the restaurant and waiter takes order from the customer and writes down in the paper. In this system each and every type of record is stored on the paper. Then the waiter sends the order to the kitchen for the further processing. Then Personal Digital Assistant technology was used. Personal digital assistant is a portable device like smartphone every waiter should have the PDA and take order form customers. To cover the limitation of PDA multi touch technology come to market, where the user has the authority to perform and control different type of operations at a time on multi touch screen. To cover the limitation of all the previous food